Legal Fees for Immigrant, Nonimmigrant & Naturalization Cases
  Nonimmigrant Visa Category Hourly Fixed
B1 Business Visitor   🗸
B2 Tourist Visitor 🗸
E1 Treaty Trader   🗸
E2 Treaty Investor 🗸
E2C Long-term foreign investors in the CNMI   🗸
E3 Certain "specialty Occupation" Professionals from Australia   🗸
H1B Specialty Occupations, DOD Cooperative R&D Project Workers & Fashion Models 🗸
H1C Registered Nurses Working in a Health Professional Shortage Area (DOL Determined)   🗸
H2A Temporary Agricultural Workers 🗸
H2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers   🗸
H3 Nonimmigrant Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor   🗸
H4 Family Members of H Primary   🗸
I1 Foreign Media, including Members of Press, Radio, Film & Print Industries   🗸
J1 Exchange Visitor Program   🗸
J2 Spouses & Dependents of J1   🗸
K1 Fiance/Fiancee Visa   🗸
K2 Unmarried Children Under the Age of 21   🗸
K3/K4 Foreign Spouses & Children of U.S. Citizens   🗸
L1A International Intracompany Transferee of an Executive, Manager, or Supervisor   🗸
L1B International Intracompany Transferee of a Specialized Knowledge Employee   🗸
L2 Dependent Spouse & Unmarried Children Under 21 of L1 visa holders   🗸
M1 Vocational & Technical School Student   🗸
M2 Spouse & Minor Children of an M-1 Vocational Student   🗸
O1A Extraordinary Ability Worker in the Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics   🗸
O1B Extraordinary Ability in the Arts or Extraordinary Achievement in Motion Picture or TV   🗸
O2 Certain Assistants or Support Personnel of O1A and O1Bs   🗸
O3 Spouse or Children of O-1s & O2s   🗸
P1A Internationally Recognized Individual Athlete & Athletic Teams   🗸
P1B Member of an Internationally Recognized Enterntainment Group   🗸
P2 Performer or Group Performing under Reciprocal Exchange Program   🗸
P3 Arts or Entertainer Coming to Be a Part of a Culturally Unique Program   🗸
P4 Spouses or Children Under the age of 21 of a P1, P2 or P3   🗸
Q1 Cultural Exchange Program for Practical Training, Employ & Share History & Culture   🗸
R1 Religious Workers   🗸
R2 Dependent Family Members   🗸
TN North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Professionals from Mexico & Canada   🗸
TD Dependents and Spouses of a TN   🗸
V Spouses & Minor Children (unmarried, under 21) of U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents   🗸
  Immigrant (Legal Permanent Resident/Green Card) Visa Categories Hourly Fixed
Family-Based Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   🗸
Employment-Based Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card & PERM Labor Certification   🗸
Investment-Based Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card 🗸 🗸
Religous Worker Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   🗸
Special Immigrant Juvenile Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Afghanistan or Iraq National Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
International Broadcaster Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   🗸
Employee/Family Member of Int'l. Organization Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card     Inquire
NATO-6 Employee/Family Member Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Asylee/Refugee Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Human Trafficking/Crime Victim Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
VAWA Abused Spouse, Child or Parent Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card 🗸 🗸
Cuban Adjustment Act Abused Spouse/Child Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
HIRIFA Abused Spouse/Child Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Cuban Adjustment Act Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Lautenberg Parolee Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Indochinese Parole Adjustment Act of 2000 Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
American Indian born in Canada Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Child Born in U.S. of Foreign Diplomat Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Section 13 (Diplomat) Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
Registry Permanent Resident Visa/Green Card   Inquire
  Naturalization or Citizenship Hourly Fixed
Five (5) Year Permanent Resident Naturalization/Citizenship   🗸
Three (3) Year Permanent Resident Married to U.S. Citizen Naturalization/Citizenship   🗸
Military Members §§328 & 329/325A Naturalization/Citizenship   🗸
Spouses & Children of Military Members (Expedited/Overseas) Naturalization/Citizenship   🗸
Citizenship through Parents Naturalization/Citizenship   🗸
Automatic Citizenship After Birth Before 18 - Include Adoption Naturalization/Citizenship   🗸
  Immigration Court, Deportation, Removal Hourly Fixed
Deportation/Removal Master Calendar, Merits Hearing 🗸  
Cancellation of Removal Relief 🗸  
Motions to Continue, Reopen, & Reconsider Relief 🗸  
Waivers of Inadmissbility Relief (Extreme Hardship, etc.) 🗸  
Fraudulent Marriage, Proof of Marriage Entered in Good Faith Issues 🗸  
Immigration Ramifications on Status of Criminal Convictions Issues 🗸  
BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) Appealing the Decision of an Immigration Judge 🗸  
  Waivers, Inadmissibility & Other Hourly Fixed
J-1 Waiver of Inadmissibility 2-year Home Residency   🗸
Waiver of Inadmissibility Extreme Hardship, etc. 🗸  
Criminal Representation DUI/DWI, Assault/Battery, Cyberbullying/Harrassment, Drug, etc. 🗸 🗸

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